In the past one year or so, Twitter has grown from a mere micro blogging option to a must-have social networking route. It is not just for bloggers, affiliate marketers and online service providers anymore but Twitter forms an extremely handy channel for selling your offline products as well.

The success on twitter is directly proportional to the number of quality followers you have. However, quite unlike other subscription mechanisms (such as RSS, aWeber) it is not at all difficult to build a very good follower base on twitter. In this post let me try to talk about a few practical tips to help increase your twitter follower base.

Tips to increase twitter following

The following are the tips to get you more twitter followers in no time

#1 Blindly follow others

The easiest way to get followers is to actually follow others. Initially you don’t need to worry too much about whom you follow but later you can be choosy. You can use twitter search (and tags) to find people with similar interests. You can also keep following your followers’ followers and friends.

Usually, at least a good number (say 20 or 30%) of the people that you follow will actually follow you back! This works instantly if you want to build followers in a matter of days (Note: Beware of a twitter ban if you are following way too many in a matter of hours)

#2 Keep retweeting

I have seen a number of tweeters who build their follower base by just retweeting quality tweets. They may not have anything great to tweet by themselves but they RT 20 or 30 quality tweets from whom they follow and this increases the follower base. However, in order to get quality followers you may have to add something on your own once in a while as well.

Those were your 10 (10 in binary = 2) tips! Probably you could read a few more tips elsewhere like customizing your twitter home, routing your other SocNets to twitter, changing profile pics etc. In fact, what really matters is the above two and it is just a matter of days before you can have 1000s of followers.

Over to you…

Basically, I am not a major twitter fan and I always thought that it is full of spam – twitter itself as well as the directories built around it! I feel that it’s more like the SMS misuse that you can see in countries like India. However, if judiciously used it may help to sell a few percentage more!

Have you got any killer tips to get more twitter followers or sell better via twitter?

Happy tweeting!

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