In the past three years I have written several posts on Make Money Online ideas that I have experimented with or researched on. Unfortunately, many of my initial posts on this topic were not well categorized and hence they didn’t get the visibility that they deserved. Also, there wasn’t a single place where I could list all the ideas together. This post has the following purposes:

  • List all online money making ideas to date at one place
  • Maintain this as a link post to my past and future MMO articles (Yes, it will be updated)

At the moment, the list of edited make money ideas is not exactly 100 and hence I am keeping this arbitrary title. And before going through this list you may also check out our make money page that lists some of the MMO instruments that actually worked for me.

Ways to Make Money Online

Please note that I am not going to list a particular website or brand here but just the top level ideas alone.

Generic MMO mechanisms

Online Surveys

Get paid to (GPT) read emails

Play online games, bingos etc to make money

Buy and sell domain names

Blog or site flipping

Participate in blog contests

Get Paid To click ads

Affiliate marketing with PPC advertising (What’s PPC?)

Email marketing

For writers and editors

Write articles for money

Write and sell eBooks online

Online proof reading

Be an editor or co-blogger of a blog

Be a forum poster

GPT comment on blogs

Technical writing

Copy editing

Ghost writing

For teachers

Become an eTutor

For bloggers/site owners

Write paid reviews

PPC Ad (e.g. Google AdSense) publishing

Text link ads

Affiliate marketing and referral sales using your blog

Sell private ad spots (e.g. via OIO Publisher or BuySellAds)

Donation links on your blog


Code themes, templates and sell

Develop and sell plugins

Develop mobile (iPhone, Android,…) apps and sell on Marketplace

Web/Graphics Designers

Design banners, logos etc (You can sell them as gigs on etc)

Customize themes, websites and make money

Design or develop websites

Blog setup & customize services

Search Engine related

Link building services

Search engine optimization

Search engine submission services

Search marketing consultant

Social Media – Social Networks

Social Media consultant (advertisement, fan page creation, monitoring)

Other professional jobs

Make money via reseller hosting

Be a forum moderator

Work as a virtual assistant

Online data entry jobs

Online transcription jobs

Selling and trading

Sell your digital pictures online

Sell your stuff online on eBay

Online forex trading

Online stocks, commodity trading


Please note that many of the older posts linked from here might have some outdated information such as a particular MMO service or linked website. However, in general, all the above online make money ideas are still pretty much valid.

Please check back soon for more entries here, until then…

Happy money making!

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