As I mentioned in a recent post, it’s only a few weeks since I started getting hooked on to Twitter and already I figured out that it is not the same Social Networking Application any more as mentioned in their mission statement:

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

Of course, I have a couple of friends in my network who religiously follow that mission and would not forget to quickly tweet ‘Running to the toilet’ while in a hurry to answer the nature’s call. But the practical ways of using Twitter is changing very fast and here are the top five usage scenarios of Twitter.

#1 Advertising and Marketing

Direct advertisement on Twitter is yet to pick the steam. Of course there are new Twitter advertisement products such as Magpie but I doubt if they will pick momentum. The practical usage of advertising and marketing via Twitter include:

  • Brand building
  • Quick Surveys
  • New product & services announcements
  • Tweeting affiliate links
  • Promotions

The direct advertisement model may not work as easily due to the technical limitations of the Twitter platform and support tools, but the short SMS like message can definitely serve the above purposes.

Recently I got a mail from Chitika requesting the subscribers to use Twitter followers to get them signed up for Chitika. Also, I see that a lot of Market Leverage customer relationship managers and sales people from similar organizations are very active on Twitter. For sure, they are seeing the value of using Twitter as a channel to sell.

#2 Take and Give help & Advice

Getting a real quick help, advice or tip to solve a problem is faster on Twitter. At least that is what I figured out after a couple of experiments. Of course, I do not have a huge fan-fare yet, but the Twitter channel seems to work when asked for help. What does not quite work is getting detailed answers due the character limitations. And most often, you end up receiving shortened URLs to reference sites, and only after you visit the place you get to see the worth! Twitter search is also a way to find out what’s hot at any moment!

#3 Job Opportunities, Hiring & Freelancing

Twitter seems to be a great channel to seek freelance opportunities or to fill your vacancies. Sometimes, opportunity tweets spreads out like wild fire much faster than you can imagine and chances are you get results in no time.

I know a couple of online friends of mine who get reasonably good contract assignments via Twitter.

#4 Blogging & Blog Traffic Generation

Well, Twitter was boasted to help the blogger mass with Microblogging. But according to me, this model is fast disappearing and blog marketing, cross selling and traffic generation of your normal blogs (not micro) is working very well with most well known bloggers like Darren, Jeremy or John Chow. Darren has even started his new Twitter blog which was the by-product of his experiments with Twitter. The cross selling of his blogging tips and digital photography blogs is happening very well via the twitter platform.

Twitter tools and plugins also help in generating traffic for your blog(s). When you have a sensational tweet with a link to the new post, a good percentage of your followers will be tempted to click on it and visit your blog. Though, the bounce rate via this mechanism is pretty high – at least for me – it still generates some traffic.

#5 Social & Business Networking

Lastly, looks like Twitter is still used for social networking purpose. Probably social networking getting redefined as business and partner networking as more and more people are using Twitter for more business and work related purposes than personal. Does anyone differ?

Over to you

Now the question to all of you is Which one of the above Twitter usages (or any other usage not mentioned here) is working well for you?

Happy Tweeting!

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