Many of the Google AdSense publishers would have gone through this difficult situation whereby their AdSense clicks not registering despite receiving a lot of clicks. Whenever someone faces this issue, the general feeling is that he or she is on the way to get banned by Google AdSense. However, 8 out of 10 cases this problem is very easy to fix and the rest you have to leave to Google.

In fact, there are only five known reasons for the ‘AdSense clicks but no money’ syndrome and let me explain these causes.

Five reasons why your AdSense clicks not getting any earnings

The wrong configuration is the #1 reason behind your AdSense clicks not fetching any earnings and hence the very first thing to check is your AdSense account configuration.

#1 Allowed Sites setup

You may not want to believe this but 8 out of 10 cases you lose all your earnings because of a stupid mistake or configuration done (probably by other Google applications and not you).

To check this issue, just take a look at your ‘Allowed Sites’ option under the ‘AdSense setup’ tab after logging to your account. In most cases, you will be having the option ‘Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account’ selected and you will be surprised to see something like listed there.

To fix, click on the ‘Allow any site to show ads for my account’ option and click the ‘Save Changes’ button. In 90% of the cases this fix will work and your AdSense clicks will soon start showing earnings.

#2 CPM ads shown and not PPC ads

While the first reason, usually shows absolutely no earnings for any number of clicks, there’s this symptom whereby some clicks are earning money while some others are not. When this happens there are basically three reasons and the primary reason is that Google is serving some CPM ads to your sites rather than PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads. CPM ads or Pay-Per-Impression ads do get paid very less – e.g. something like 30 cents per thousand impressions. Now, if you got a few 10s of 100s of impressions and even couple of clicks but no money, it usually means that a low cost CPM ad has been clicked. In this case you do not need to worry because as and when Google keeps serving more PPC ads, you will automatically receive money for your clicks (Read: Internet advertising models and compensation methods)

#3 Public Service Ads (PSA) being served

When you created your AdSense ad block, you would have seen an option (under More Options) that defaults to ‘Show public service ads’ if Google doesn’t have anything else to serve you or Google is busy analyzing your content immediately after setting up. If this option is checked, at times your ad blocks will be displaying free public service ads that do not get any earnings for clicks. In this case, you could choose ‘Show non-Google ads from another URL’ option or even opt to display blank space.

Hence public service ads are the third reason why some of your clicks are not accounted in earnings. However, for the sake of looks and consistency of your pages it’s better to allow PSA ads.

#4 Invalid clicks

Google has got a very smart fraud click monitoring mechanism with them and in most cases they do a good job by picking invalid clicks. Invalid clicks can be caused by a visitor continuously refreshing a click target page or keeps on clicking ads on the same page beyond a limit or even you yourself getting into ad-click-exchange deals (which is a dangerous thing to do). It can also be caused by the click-bots sending clicks to Google AdSense loaded pages. Very rarely Google click monitoring system can go wrong and actually count valid clicks as invalid as well. Whatever be the case, if this problem persists, it is better to notify Google about the issue so that it minimizes your chances of getting banned permanently. So invalid clicks are the fourth reason for no earnings despite clicks.

#5 You are being banned

In most cases the ban is instant and immediate following invalid or fraud clicks. However, there could be a situation whereby you see a lot of clicks on a particular day and in a few hours time you are slapped with a ban. It happened to me with my Google AdSense account. So if you notice significantly high number of clicks for much the same traffic or you feel that some clicks look like fraud activity, you may immediately alert the Google AdSense team of the same.


More often than not #1 and #4 are the main reasons for totally no earnings situation. #2 and #3 usually means some earnings here and there but not significant earnings.

Happy money making with AdSense!

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