This is a little survey post. I had part of this post in my drafts for quite a while and at the time of saving this draft I even proudly believed that I coined the term ‘blogtrotter‘ arrived at flipping ‘globetrotter‘ a little myself. However, a dig on Google today, I got to know the following meanings for the term blogtrotter.

  1. A mildly insulting epithet for an Irishman
  2. A person that loves cake and is capable of eating it in large quantities
  3. A person who lives in or frequents bogs

Now what I had in mind originally was the third one of those definitions (Sorry, friends from Ireland and cakelovers all over the globe)

Who’s a BlogTrotter?

In my blogssary (blog glossary) a BlogTrotter is a person who :-

  • wanders around in the blogosphere and reads 100s of blogs per day
  • has a few hundred RSS/Atom feeds in his/her feed reader
  • prefers to live online most of their day and has very little social interaction offline
  • finds not much time to blog for yourself as ‘just browsing around’ is the main activity in life
  • takes pride in following famous super bloggers
  • delivers dozens of tweets and retweets per day
  • interacts with close friends and family via online tools rather than by phone
  • aims to take up blogging as their career

Over to you

Are you becoming a BlogTrotter or already one? How many hours of your daily time do you spend online?? Have you already taken up blogging as your fulltime career or intend to do so in the near future???

Happy Blogging!

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