Most of us go through writer’s block (or blogger’s block) many times in our blogging lives. If not for this issue, there may be still situations where you just don’t have enough time to come up with your blog post of the day in order to maintain your post frequency.

One way to tackle this issue is to schedule a number of posts well in advance as mentioned in one of the old posts here that talked about writer’s block. But if you already run out of those scheduled posts or they are kind of in draft form, you may need to go for the so-called ‘bail out posts’ – as I would call them. In this post, I would like to list several ideas to come up with a quick bail out post.

List of bail out blog post ideas

#1 Link Love posts: Most common way of filling the post gap is via link love posts. These (’Someday’ love posts) are part of many bloggers’ weekly schedule these days. It should not take more than ten-fifteen minutes for you to quickly go through your RSS reader and find the links to write about regardless of whether you love them or not.

#2 Poll post or Survey post: If you are running out of ideas or not having time to think, ask your readers for their views on a certain thing. The survey posts can be sometimes very interactive and even result in new ideas and topics to write about. In addition, this gives an opportunity on yet another dry day to post about the survey results.

#3 Blog updates: This is another common thing as well. You could always talk about self at any point of time, right? So talking about your immediate plans for your blog, blog statistics, issues that you are facing, income reports etc, can make a good reading, at least for a portion of your readers. But be sure not to overdo such posts.

#4 Make a post that lists several old posts: Coming up with an aggregate of posts (of similar topics, tips etc) can be something good for your newer readers. This is also a way of internal linking (good for seo) and marketing your old posts that need more visibility.

#5 Talk about your opinion on a certain news of the day: This can be as simple as commenting. You just need to browse around your favorite news sites, forums or niche sources to write about the latest (sensational) news. This can keep the audience happy as well.

#6 Digg out an old comment and elaborate: Sometimes comments can give you a lot of inspiration to talk more about what was commented on and resume the discussion from where you paused.

#7 Answer email queries as blog posts: Most active bloggers get a lot of queries from their readers. Answering their questions is a way to enhance the credibility at the same time the answers can serve as good blog posts as well.

#8 Ask an interesting question on Twitter and post the reply log: This is a trend that is gaining momentum these days. You could post your twitter logs as an entirely new post and there are several bloggers who do it periodically.

#9 Just talk about how your day has been: After all, your blog ‘originally’ was supposed to be your online diary. So why not talk about the day’s activities? (This may not be possible on all types of blogs – e.g. this blog)

and if you are still clueless

#10 Talk about the latest WordPress (minor) update: I know, 500 bloggers have already talked about it and you have read it yourself several times as well. But some how it still sells and you just need to copy paste part of the release notes! And fortunately, there is a WP release every other day or so!

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