A few posts ago I had featured some free online tools to find your blog’s worth. Blog pricing for that matter even domain name website appraisal is not something that can be done easily and realistically. But considering the ongoing trends like blog flipping, the time has arrived to come up with innovative mechanisms to appraise blogs and websites.

While going through the SitePoint marketplace (where most blogs/website sale happens) I found some interesting bids for some blogs and websites. Also I took a look at the price tags and bids on recently sold blogs and this kind of urged me to find out the worth of some of the popular blogs and the blogs that I know/read. The current blog worth of the 10 popular Make-Money-Online blogs are given below (I used dnScoop to evaluate and DPR Top MMO blogs to get the Top 10):

Top MMO Blogs and their worth

ProBlogger: $21,283,660 (USD 21 Millions)

John Chow: $223,040

ShoeMoney: $119,416

Blogsessive: $109,386

DailyBlogTips: $2,191,772

BlogStorm: $38,368

Garry Conn: $30,464

BlueVerse: $13,080

SugarRae: $15,180

eXtra For Every Publisher: $61,692

and as per dnScoop:

This value is calculated based on several factors shown above, including: Links, Traffic (Alexa), age of the domain, site category, domain keyword popularity, and overall occurrences of the domain name on the web

Okay now, back to the topic. I am planning to do another project mostly a tool to be part of this blog that can most realistically analyze the worth of blogs (not other types of websites) and I need ideas from your side to implement this project. This will be taken up only after the completion of my ongoing plugin developments, blog competition etc.

You need to provide inputs on

1. What parameters should be used assess a blog’s worth?

2. Which of the current set of metrics should not be used? (e.g. page rank, traffic rank)

3. Do you see the value of having such an online tool for blogs? (There are half a dozen tools out there some specific to blogs, but do people use them?)

I appreciate your feedback. And do not forget to sign up with the seo Challenge ’09! The last day to sign up is today!

Happy Blogging!

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