Earlier this year, Apple Inc was voted the Business Weeks’s most innovative company in the world, from a list of 50 prestigious companies that are known for innovation and successful business models. Apple’s feat of being in that position for the fourth time straight is something that needs special mention and for many, the Apple story could be a great case study and inspiration as well.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with products or services; whatever be the size of your venture, there are a number of things that you can learn from Apple’s great success story and apply in your special case. Your blog, as your project, hobby, passion or income generator and you as a blogger could take a leaf as well in order to innovate and keep the momentum for long term.

#1 Be the first

Apple was the very first company to introduce a PC that had an altogether new concept of having a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that was assisted by a mouse device. Though many would follow suite soon, being the first one to talk about something new always matter! Similarly a blogger needs to be innovative and different from the lot to be extremely successful.

#2 Invention to Innovation

Being the inventor of something is really great, but unless you convert the invention to innovation (i.e. convert the invention into returns) you can’t be called successful. Apple initially struggled to make it big out of their early products but later inventions such as iPhone and iPod were great innovations as well!

#3 Small but powerful Portfolio

Thirty years into its operations, Apple still has only about 30 products in their portfolio and this is a very important aspect. As a blogger, you don’t need to write about virtually everything that come your way but could create your own niche where you write about a couple of things that you like the most or the domain that you have expertise in.

#4 Fight the failures

The Macintosh was an almost instant failure when it was first introduced. Not that they did not have a great technology – somehow things did not happen the way they would have liked. However, they did not shelve the technology and their dreams. They did continuously evolve it and made it suitable for the generation next. Twenty years after its first launch the newer stylish glassy-glossy Macs made it really big! The learning: Things did not work don’t mean that everything that you wrote about were bad! Wait for your day!!

#5 Care about the ecosystem

The success story of iPod in conjunction with iTunes music store really built a huge ecosystem of music fans and enhanced the concept of downloaded music. Before iPod there were other MP3 players and before iTunes there were other music download systems as well! But the combination of both of these together with the purchased music rights and online collaboration with the community made it really big! The learning is that your ecosystem is what actually promotes your innovations

#6 Stand for a cause

The iTunes store have brought down the online music piracy to a great extend and this is a great positive consequence while staying deep routed on the main goals. Standing for a cause will always a blog to be successful!

#7 Stay focused

Wrong influences and shortsighted decisions can kill your long term goals thereby jeopardizing the interest of your target audience. I have seen many bloggers who keep on changing the topics that they deal with on a continuous basis that either they end up talking about off-topic stuff more often or start a new blog every other month or so. Keeping the focus on what you and the blog stand for is the key to success.

#8 Play to your strength

With the software boom dragging many hardware players into unknown territories, Apple did not move away from what they were good at. They always knew that certain category of consumer electronics was their niche and all that they did was to focus on it and made it more and more appealing to the end user. The iPhones, iPods and the new Macs are only great examples of that! In other words, if you really know what you are good at, you are already successful.

In addition to the above points, the blogs have the greater advantage of being available for its consumers for FREE! This aspect, when clubbed with the learning that we just had makes it a powerful platform that can bring its author fame, wealth and many tangible and intangible benefits as well in the right course of time!

Happy Blogging!

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