For the past three-four days I have been stuck at home with flu (Nothing new – it recurs every two or three months) and wasn’t really active on visiting and commenting on other blogs. The impact of this short break from the blogosphere was immediate  there was a huge reduction of traffic and comments on this blog. And I was really thinking whether we bloggers are becoming more and more selfish these days.

I think, the selfishness is more in the MMO niche because helping each other is not a popular formula here. After all ‘money’ and ‘selfishness’ complement each other very well. And if majority of your readers are bloggers themselves (blogging tips niche) you have a very good chance of not getting any comments on your post if you don’t return the same favor on time.

Selfish and how?

You comment and I comment back attitude is the most visible part here. Even then, most of the times comments are like ‘nice post’, ‘good points’ etc. Please, unless a particular post adds value to your life, you strongly agree or disagree to the content, you don’t need to necessarily make a comment. And when you are making a comment be specific and provide details.

(An exception to the above is when you have dofollow blogs or top commentator plugin that shows easy-to-enter numbers. Please note that those who comment only for those backlinks may not have even read your post completely)

Social bookmarking and tweeting is another area of selfishness. I see a lot of retweets of late though somebody initiating a book mark by himself is rare. Mostly, you have to tweet yourself on your own posts first to get further retweets.

Bad tone on comments is relatively rare but something that I have seen in the past. Some people take pride in convincing the world that what is being written is crap (e.g. for such a comment ‘Nice paid review’. Probably, the whole world knows that it is a paid review and you don’t need to stress on that fact)

Skipping the affiliate links is another thing usually exhibited by fellow bloggers – they rather prefer to sign up directly than using your referral link. The reason, why help him make more money, though it costs me nothing.

One week challenge for bloggers

Now, I would like to know how many of you bloggers are willing to do the following for the next one week (or two):

  • Stop visiting other blogs and commenting there in
  • Remove your top commentator plugin
  • Put back rel=nofollow on your comments section
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