With the number of social bookmarking or social media sites growing day by day, it is becoming more and more difficult for the bloggers to track their bookmark accounts and links. Also, figuring out which all bookmark links to put on a blog or use on a regular basis are other issues. The bulk social bookmarking services seems to solve some of the issues mentioned above by consolidating all your submit points at one place.

Advantages of using bulk social bookmarking

  • You can get all your submission links and preferred sites/services at one place and hence you don’t need to worry about the URL changes, fluctuating popularity of the services etc.
  • Do follow bookmarking sites can be selectively submitted to build huge number of backlinks in no time. So is the case with news services etc.
  • Bulk bookmarking delivers instant traffic in most cases
  • New and upcoming bookmarking sites can be added automatically while using bulk services, their plugins or gadgets
  • Most of these services are FREE

Popular bulk bookmarking services

The following are some of the bulk bookmarking services that are quite popular. I should confess that most of them were used by me only for testing purposes

1. Social Marker: Social Marker allows you to social bookmark your favorite posts on up to 50 social bookmarking sites with the URL, tags and description provided once. The sites can be chosen based on popularity, do follow, bookmarking alone etc. You could also use their popular ‘All-in-one’ bookmarking plugin if you have a WordPress blog. Social marker is a very easy to use service.

2. Social Poster: Social poster is very similar to social marker except that it also has the Alexa rank and Google page rank of bookmarking sites mentioned in the submit page. Individual bookmark sites are opened in neat frames for easy navigation. Social Poster has more than 150 book marking sites listed at their submit engine and they have a WordPress bookmark plugin as well.

3. Post Toaster: Post toaster is yet another service that has more than 60 bookmark sites supported on their bulk submission page. There is an additional feature compared to the other two whereby up to four sets of titles and descriptions can be provide per bookmark that will be randomly send to various bookmarking services.

4. Social Marking: This is another popular service but again the number of social media & book marking services are limited to four or five most popular social media sites. However, they provide easy to incorporate static HTML code and Google gadgets for all blog types (WordPress, Blogger, MovableTypes etc).

5. OnlyWire: OnlyWire works in a different way whereby you need to actually store your account names and passwords in your OnlyWire profile so that you don’t need to provide them every time. However, they support only very limited number of bookmarking services. I did not quite like the idea of storing passwords there.

There also a number of other services such as TaGenie but how many of them do we really need? Please let me know if there are any better options than the ones mentioned above.

Tips for using bulk bookmark social media services

  • It is always better to use the same profile name and password for all social media and bookmarking sites. This will make it easier to remember the profiles as well as help in your brand building and search visibility
  • It is ideal to advise the social media sites to ‘Remember your password’’ otherwise bulk submission can be really frustrating
  • Stay away from those mediocre services that stores the profile name and passwords of all your social media accounts
  • Do not use bulk submission unless you are promoting some of your best content. You should not use it on a regular basis for all your posts or discovered material.
  • Services specific to the particular social media service (e.g. Digg shout) need to be taken care of individually
  • Always cross verify the dofollow claims of some of the bookmarking services by actually checking the property of submitted links. There are discrepancies in the do-follow sites across the bulk services mentioned above
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