Content is king! Without updated and quality content nobody is going to come back to your website. But most of the time, even after submitting your site to search engines and directories, you may not get the desired jumpstart in terms of initial hits. In this case you may need to ‘buy’ trafic on top of backlink creation techniques.

Google AdWords

As I mentioned sometimes back Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is almost synonymous to Google. There’s nobody else in this world who have created the same market opportunity out of SEM as much as Google did. Since they own the most popular search engine, it indeed is the first place where you would to shop traffic. So subscribing to Google AdWords is the very first thing you should be doing to get those initial hits (If you opted for a hosting package from services such as, you would have already got a $50 google credit for AdWords)

How it works?

Google AdWords lets you select a bunch of keywords (The more you have, the better) that describes your site services and attract users to it by paying a small amount. You can choose your budget and also how to spend the same over how many days or weeks. When web users use to search if any of your keywords are part of or related to that search, your site ad will be shown in the Sponsored Links column of the search results. The stronger your keywords are, the better the chance of getting your site listed on top. Many users along with search results will try clicking attractive sponsored links as well and hence you get those ‘hits’ that you badly want. Most sites these days launch their campaign first on Google AdWords and it really works! Google charges you only if the users actually click the sponsored link and arrive at your site and not for displaying your ads as part of search results.


You will be amazed at the number of hits you get just minutes after signing up with AdWords. However, just getting hits is not sufficient, you need to make sure that the hit lands the users on the right page that has potential to monetize more. More money than you spend on AdWords, that is. So ideally that page should be having context aware ads, your greatest offers, banners and signup links. Moreover, it should not be so irritating that the users immediately leave the page. Avoid too flashy or too much of ads on that page.

Pick a large number of keywords more than two hundred or so. Essentially the more you pick, more search patterns or phrases you will be covering and hence increased CTR or Click Through Rate. The more CTR you have, lesser you pay Google. And hence never pick your keywords carelessly.

After a couple of days of campaign with AdWords, you need to evaluate your performance using AdWords reports as well as Google Analytics report. Google Analytics (GA) gives you a great opportunity to understand which pages the users spend more time on, where they exited etc. GA and AdWords complement each other very well and GA is a free service from Google.

You may want to play a pause and resume strategy with AdWords, based on your budget and hits outcome. Also, once the traffic builds up through other mechanisms such as syndication, normal search etc you may withdraw AdWords completely.

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