It has been exactly one year since I started using twitter. I must say that I did sign up with twitter purely on an experimental basis to see if it can result in any significant traffic or conversion. However, the following twitter related numbers during the past one year somehow prompted me to rethink about my decision.

  • No. of tweets: 1159 or roughly 3 tweets per day
  • No. of followers: 339 (Thank you all, but it’s still a mystery for me as I see 5-10 followers getting added everyday. Where are they all going?)
  • No. of people that I follow: 172 90 (Reduced by 50% today, congratulations to you all whom I still follow)
  • No. of referral visits from twitter to this blog: 762 (Far behind the traffic from Google, Yahoo, StumbleUpon, Forums and even Yahoo Answers)

What does the above statistics mean?

1159 tweets would have hardly cost me two hours to tweet. I have not spent any significant time in promoting anything (except the blog posts) on Twitter either and mostly followers are joined by choice. Probably if I promoted it big time – via contests or even by tweeting 100 times a day – I would have ended up having 5000 followers by now but still I do not believe that it would have brought in any quality traffic to my blog nor would it have improved my brand image or popularity (please forgive my prejudiced approach).

Top 10 reasons why I hate Twitter

The following are some of the genuine reasons for me disliking twitter.

#1 Spam

Unfortunately, in my one year experience, I found that the amount of spam it creates is much more than that of some of the free email solutions. This comes via a number of bot accounts, only retweet category members, affiliate marketing people, people who use it like an IM and the clueless who are still experimenting it. Also, the spam caused by various twitter directories and pingbacks is another added issue.

#2 Difficult to track

It was virtually impossible for me to really track anything on it. There are people whom I would love to track but the current set of twitter clients and the search mechanism are just not good enough to help tracking anything good. Unfortunately, usage of tagging is not really automatic nor an expectation from anybody. This makes it even more difficult.

#3 The 140 character limitation

The 140 characters thingie was tipped to be a pretty innovative stuff but it led to SMS lingo (I am hardly any good at that), shortened URLs (you never know where they point to) and cut short messages in retweets.

#4 Pressure on bloggers

Bloggers being the self proclaimed geeks are somehow expected to be on twitter, facebook and part of all kinds of junk bookmarking sites. Being active on twitter is considered something ‘cool’ and I feel that most of the people are unwillingly getting on to it. Have you reaped any major benefit by promoting yourself on Twitter?

#5 SocNet traffic is insignificant compared to Search

Most people still find me and my online contents via search and I am kind of happy with that situation. As I mentioned in the statistics, if I get 1% or less of my overall traffic from a particular source that expects me to be active there, I would rather dump it.

#6 ‘What am I doing right now’ is my private business

It originally started with this nice tagline but is going out of control. I am in the process of cutting short some of my activities on other SocNets accounts as well. Twitter privacy has always been a big question mark!

#7 Facebook has overall better integrated service

Since status updates are already available in facebook, twitter may be totally redundant now. Facebook provides a lot of add on services than just social networking.

#8 You are blindly making yourself public

In twitter, there’s no concept of restricting who can follow you nor do they ask for any approval. Basically, you are announcing to the whole world what you are doing. It is crazy how people share some of their most private information on the web. I have this problem on other SocNets as well but they provide better control over the approval process.

#9 I do not like the broadcast service concept

Twitter is more like a broadcast service and at the moment, I do not see the need of having one such service.

#10 Pseudo friends and followers

762 visits from 300 odd followers via 1159 tweets in a year means, hardly a handful of them regularly visited this blog via tweet links. The rest (more than 90%) are unfortunately pseudo followers and that gives you an idea about how stupid this tool can be. Do you care to do similar analysis?


Hence as of today, I plan to go slow my tweeting habits. I would still maintain people that I follow but I wouldn’t be replying to any of the tweets except DMs. I will mostly tweet only about my blog post updates (two or three tweets per week) and that is it.

I would like to thank you all my followers at this point and would love to learn from some of you whether twitter is really helping you in some manner or other to promote your business or brand image?

Happy Blogging!

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