If you wonder what that means, it is the day of the year where 1000s of bloggers around the world come together and discuss a single issue and try to solve the same. This year’s theme was poverty and a number of bloggers wrote about it, called for action and even donated part of their online income in an effort to eradicate poverty from this world!

I somehow missed this particular day as I did not get the alert mail on time. However, I decided that I am not going to miss it next time as I have, now, subscribed to the newsletter from adroisys.com (You may do the same). In addition, I thought of initiating the following charity drive via this blog which I hope some of you will follow as well.

How to raise money online for charity?

Some of you must have already heard about click-to-donate sites. These are charity websites where there are click-to-donate buttons placed and once you click on them the sponsors will donate some amount towards the noble cause. That sounds so easy right?

So the least you can do is to put one such link on your blog and mention what it stands for. I have already put a couple of links on the sidebar and I request you to click for the cause whenever you visit my blog or whenever possible. There are also charity badges and widgets available if you search around the web if you have some more space to spare on your blog.

Click-to-donate sites

The following are some of the legitimate click-to-donate sites that you could link from your blog.

The Hunger Site

Hungry Children

The Literacy Site

Fight Hunger

Child Health Site

Free Rice

The Breast Cancer site

Care2 – for various causes

The Environment Site

Ecology Fund

Let us act!

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