A lot of us want to monetize our websites or blogs pretty much at the time of starting itself. However, there are so many ad programs in the market that we will end up in a state of confusion as to which program to subscribe. Unfortunately there is no Sherlock Holmes out there who could potentially identify the right brand from its appearance and offerings, if not from ashes. The following are some tips for you to pick as well as maintain an ad program :

General tips

Pick programs that are successful over a period of time and established a few years back. You don’t need to necessarily go after the big brands, but experienced ones. You may pick newer programs mainly for referral purposes.

Pay attention to the ad program’s payment methods

Use Pay-Per-Impression (PPI) banners only on those pages that gets a few hundred or thousand hits per day.

Don’t go for high-paying ads alone, the context is very important. The highest paying ad may not be even clicked as it is not relevant to your kind of readers.

Understand your site page hits per day and pick a program accordingly. Many programs have recommended number of page hits in order to get a subscription, and if that is not proven true they might ban you half way through.

Avoid pop-ups and pop-unders to begin with, you may experiment them after your site is successful with respect to readership and traffic.

For most purposes you might need more than one ad program or affiliate network on your site, ideally three – A content link program (PPC), a context aware ad link program (PPC) and a banner program (PPI).

Use a feed ad program for your syndicated contents. You never know, what wonders it can do!

Not getting approved by a program or getting banned is not end-of-life, switch to others

After deployment

Once the ad programs are up and running, monitor its performance by analyzing the click-through-rates (CTR) and earnings. If you feel that a particular program is not performing with respect to the traffic, opt out of it.

Try to optimize your ad scripts with all possible customizing available from the vendor’s publisher center or accounts page. Many of us tend to skip the keyword selection or fine tuning process as we are too busy to post the ads.

Use channel optimizers (vendor provided) to track which areas and which ads are performing well.

Request your payments as and when it hits the minimum payment release value initially, once you become an important publisher you can be a bit more relaxed on this.

Use referral options immediately after sign up as these are multipliers to your earnings

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