Most of us use tools such as Google Analytics or Sitemeter (or even awstats and webalizer) to dissect our traffic data into visitor trends, top content, browser details and so on. is a free site analytics solution that is a lot more comprehensive than the above. Moreover, it does not require any tracking code to be installed on your web site or blog. has a basic free version as well as a paid proversion. Basic version itself can produce a lot of analytics data on your site as well as competition without having to sign up. The following are the top-level options available for analytical purposes: Site Analytics, Search Analytics and Referral Analytics

Analytics Types

Site Analytics: Under this option visitor and trend details such as monthly unique visitor count, rank and number of monthly visits, visitor engagement etc are available.

compete site analytics

The Search Analytics option allows you to identify top search keywords that generated traffic for your site or the category of sites. It also allows you to check the top sites that received click traffic for a particular keyword. This allows you to do basic competitor analysis and it is a really useful feature. The other feature available under this top-level option is the possibility to compare two sites for competitive keywords.

Finally, the Referral Analytics option allows you to check top referrers to a particular sites as well as top references generated by a particular site.

Registered users (not pro) can compare all the above analytical details of up to five domains side-by-side. Pro or paid services get to see more (daily) visitor trends, competitive analysis as well as utilize a bunch of tools to facilitate further analysis.

Where do they get traffic data from? retrieves traffic information from multiple sources such as ISPs and browser toolbar extensions. Since tracking code is not installed, the estimated traffic is based on a lot of math and statistical rules applied on the raw data that they get. Please note that is more about providing predictive, analytical and research information rather than producing exact traffic analysis as done by Google Analytics, for example.

Though, has been around for a while (and some of you are actually using it), I thought of writing this short review for those who didn’t know about it. 

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