A few months ago, I had written about (in my ClickBump review post) how I use the ClickBump theme effectively on some of my low traffic niche blogs that promote affiliate products. I have been searching for a similar theme that is purely meant for High AdSense click rates and that’s when I came across the CTR Theme.

I bought the CTR theme last week to check if it actually propels my AdSense clicks as they claim and from my four-five days of experimenting, it doesn’t look bad at all. At the moment it is powering one of my blogs that produce around 7K page views per month. I thought of writing this CTR theme review as my AdSense CTR rates have already gone up from 1.5% to around 4-5% (some niche blogs running CTR Theme claim very high AdSense CTR such as 20% to 30%)

Theme Review

If you want to define the CTR theme as a mathematical formula it would be something like:

CTR Theme = (AdSense Clicks)² + Fast Loading – Real Estate Waste

Jokes apart, the CTR theme for WordPress is all about a ready-made solution to just get started with your AdSense blog in NO time! Once you install an activate the theme, all that you have to do is to select one of the stock skins, enter your AdSense code, tracking IDs and choose as many of the high-performing AdSense layouts as you need.

The CTR Theme by default supports all high performing blocks (160×600, 336×280, 728×90 and 728×15 link unit) positioned the right way to boost your AdSense clicks. The rotation logic makes sure that it always shows a maximum of 3 AdSense blocks.

The AdSense layouts supported are as shown in the screenshot below.

ctr theme adsense layouts

Other salient features of the CTR AdSense theme include:

  • AdSense colors can be automatically changed via a theme option and hence no need to change the same in your AdSense settings and wait for things to happen
  • AdSense performance of your chosen layouts can be tracked via custom tracking IDs
  • Supports 7 AdSense layouts to choose from (I personally use only 3-4 of them) that include all Google recommended positions
  • Anything starting from the header images, logos, colors and styling can be customized via admin options
  • 5 stock skins to choose from and free upgrade for life
  • seo Optimized

To learn more about how the CTR Theme works, please watch the video below.

ClickBump vs CTR Theme

Since I use both ClickBump and CTR Themes, it may be worth doing a quick comparison between the two.

I like the ClickBump theme better when it comes to its SEO aspects (driven by the ClickBump SEO plugin). Also, it is extremely suitable for making quick landing pages that converts well. It has some default features for building Google Sniper sites pretty quickly as well. However, it is not optimized for AdSense clicks nor does it support Ad rotation. Moreover, ClickBump themes are typically meant for single post websites with 4-5 support pages)

The CTR Theme on the other hand is good for small time websites as well as those sites with 100s of posts. It is highly optimized for AdSense click rates – as high as 30% – as some people claim. You can switch any of your WordPress blogs to the CTR Theme just like you would switch to another theme.

Both themes boasts easy to read typography and clean design though the CTR Theme is something that kind of lures users to click on the AdSense blocks.

Basically I found the CTR Theme really a value for money proposition for the $67 price tag (and you also get a free copy of the eBook ‘AdSense Link Building Secrets’)

CTR Theme – Improvement areas

Though there are quite a few great things to talk about this theme, there are some improvement areas as well.

  • The theme by default places the top most ad right below the post title. Now, if the post title is something like ‘How to Make Money Online?’ and you place the text ads right below, that may be against Google’s ToS. You may want to edit the theme, to add something like an author name below the post title
  • More SEO options would have helped (but no worries, it works fine with plugins like All-in-One SEO
  • They should have added some more documentation to the product. Initially, I kept getting a message that goes like ‘Your theme is not properly registered’ even after registering and activating the theme. The actual problem was that, I had to upgrade to a more recent version of WordPress. This was not mentioned anywhere
  • If you use all ad positions/layouts together, it may look like a bit spammy site and your bounce rate may slightly increase. This however, doesn’t lower your AdSense income in my experience so far
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