The very first post on this site was an introduction for beginners into online money making. In this post I will try to summarise various money making programs or categories. Each of these options with sign-up options and tips will be discussed in subsequent posts.

1. Get paid for participation or viewing

If you are a beginner without much know-how on the Internet but can click around and browse websites or read/send emails, then you can make money via programs that actually pay you for participating in surveys, reading ad emails etc. This requires absolutely minimal knowledge of the Internet and there is no other specific skill requirements as well. Earnings from completing surveys is pretty good where as email reading along may not fetch a lot of money.

2. Make money through data entry

Online data entry schemes provide you opportunity to make money online via bulk data entry done from your home. This program is meant for those who are fast at typing and I will talk about this in the near future under the work-from-home section.

3. Get paid for blogging

There are a number of websites that pays the users who can blog on their sites. There are also programs where you get paid for adding other form of content etc. In most cases these programs pay you reasonably well but one cannot expect such programs to run forever in order to fetch you continuous income.

4. Money through technical writing or documentation

This category is for those who are experts in writing or have taken up technical writing or documentation as their career or hobby. Since writing or documentation activities can be done from anywhere, a number of companies offer this kind of remote jobs and they pay you quite heavily. This is slighly different from what you read earlier (about money from blogging/commenting) and more like a profession or work from home option.

5. Earn huge amount of money through ad programs or ad publishing

If you have a homepage, website or blog of your own then the best way to making money is via placing advertisements on your websites by participating in one of the publisher programs. There are a number of ad networks around who offer various advertisement methods and compensation models (pay-per-click, pay-per-impression etc ) that can be easily adopted by any website or blog to start making money. Our review section talks a lot about such programs where you can see the benefits of each, compare programs side by side etc. Also check out our other posts on how to optimize your revenues.

6. Make it even bigger through affiliate programs

An extension of ad publishing is what we call an affiliate marketing program or in short affiliate program. As in the case of ad publishing, here also the participant of affiliate will have to display ad-like promotion links on his page or blog. The difference is mainly in the conversion or compensation method. In the case of affiliate programs the revenue for the affiliate is commission based whereby for each sale resulted via clicking your displayed links will fetch you a percentage of the sale proceeds. This is sometimes as high as 35% or 40% and hence is a huge cash cow.

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