Social networks like Facebook are excellent channels only next to Search Engines to promote your content and network with fellow bloggers, readers and other prospects. However, overdose of anything can harm your main goals and Facebook for example is a great time killer whereby your productive time for your main activities is eaten into.

Essentially it is all about striking a balance between the time spent across the following:

  • Networking and building your fan base
  • Keeping the fans excited – Can be even non-related topics, shares and comments
  • Reading and Finding potential topics to write about
  • Running campaigns relevant to your online activities – could be even Facebook ads

Unfortunately for most people, the amount of time wasted is not really on the above three topics but for just browsing around and not acting upon anything.

How can bloggers use Facebook efficiently?

I guess, I do not need to talk about how to use Facebook here. Rather, I would talk about some guidelines (which I need to enforce myself as well) that might help you get the best out of Facebook and other social networks.

Balance between promotion and content creation

What most bloggers do with Facebook is to spend more time to promote their content than creating the content itself. This doesn’t quite help as the time spent on writing good content is more like a good investment which returns manifolds later. Instant promotions and most promotion strategies have a shorter lifespan. Write more and then promote!

Find potential topics, Do not air them

Okay, you have a great instant idea! What most people do is to immediately tweet that or post it as your FB status. I must admit that I do it many times myself as well. In fact, such potential post topic ideas must be recorded elsewhere (e.g. Notepad or as a blog post draft) so that you can create good blog posts out of it later.

So, think twice before you comment on a Social Network next time.

Time management

Well this is too hard to achieve for anyone. Once you become a Social Media addict, you lose track of the valuable time spent on the same, forget alone the management part.

However, as bloggers we need to really allocate and plan time to spent on all the four aspects mentioned in the beginning of this article. The general tendency is to browse Facebook everytime you open your PC, Laptop or Mobile or even keep visiting it several times a day. Making sure that Facebook is NOT your homepage in the browser is probably the first step and the next steps would be allocating time for each activity.

Wrong use of Facebook

Finally, never spend a lot of time using FB for instant messaging or chatting. This actually creates more time commitment for you by using it for what it doesn’t stand for. I have also seen people planning wrong events on Facebook which sometimes could be done by other effective means.

Facebook and Social Search to evolve

It’s my belief that 4-5 years from now, people would use more ‘Social Search’ than search engines themselves and hence the investment on your Fan pages and Social network building will pay rich dividends at some point of time.

At the moment Google and search engines are bigger players but it may not be the case a few years from now. Hence you have to focus more on long term brand building than instant promotions and traffic.

And once again do not waste time just browsing around, looking at the scrolling updates and gazing apparently nowhere!

Happy Blogging!

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