In the past two years or so, I have been accumulating a list of dofollow blogs mainly with the link building interest in mind. However, due to pressure from my regular job and also from blogging, I wasn’t getting enough time to update this document on a regular basis nor use it effectively for commenting. Hence I thought of moving this list to a database based web application and the result is my new little project The DoFollow Blogs List.

dofollow blogs

In a nutshell this Do Follow list is a directory of blogs that follow. However, in the long term, I want to make it slightly different and more appealing.

DoFollow Blogs List – Features

At the moment this new blog directory has the following features:

  • 200 dofollow blogs out of the existing 1800 (in the database) have been made public
  • Users can browse the listed blogs via categories or custom search
  • With the short listed blogs, one can enter ‘Comment mode’ whereby blogs can be browsed one by one within a frame
  • Users can submit their dofollow blogs, request to de-list existing entries, report NoFollow or PR mismatch etc.

The blog entries come via submissions, manual entries and a Google crawling process that I am building right now.

Future enhancements

In the mid term future, I want to completely automate the process of sourcing, updating (PR / NoFollow detection) etc. Also, more and more blogs will be added in bulk under various categories and filters (e.g. Users can search only for a particular type e.g. blogger, Drupal, WordPress etc of dofollow blog). To detect the PR change, I am trying to setup a cron job but the problem is that periodic pinging of Google APIs can attract a ban.

Another aspect to be improved is the design of the website. I am a pathetic web designer though reasonably good at programming. If you have any suggestion to improve the look and feel, please let me know.

Need your help

Though it’s not a priority project for me, I still need inputs on how this site can be made useful for people. So, please provide your feedback. You may also go ahead submit DoFollow blogs that you know. No issues with duplicates, the system will be automatically filtering out the duplicates and invalid entries.

I hope to make it a directory of 2000 do follow blogs in another three months!

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