In the past, I have reviewed products like Comment Kahuna and Fast Blog Finder on this blog. These are commenting software that helps you to search for blogs of your choice in terms of subject, page rank, backlink properties etc and comment on them to improve your blog’s backlinks.

Of late, I have been seeing several Google custom search engines and directories dedicated to DoFollow pages. is such a search engine using which you can search for pages that actually ‘follows’ the links appear on them.

How to create backlinks using DoFollo?

Well, it is not as straightforward as using the commenting software mentioned above. However, as the search with is pretty fast (as fast as Google Search itself) it is easy to get the pages of your interest. The following would be the method of obtaining backlinks.

  • Use DoFollow and search using your keywords of interest (e.g. Make money online)
  • All DoFollow blogs and webpages dealing with the keywords searched for will be displayed in the result set. You can go to the resultant pages and start commenting there to obtain your back links
  • If you have Google Toolbar installed on your browser, you can see the page rank of the search result pages as you browse them. This will help you to comment on high PR websites as you browse these DoFollow pages.

Tip: You could search for the word ‘commentluv’ to find out all WordPress blogs that use the commentluv plugin which by default links to your last post in addition to your website or blog.

Happy backlink building!

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