The latest trend, and an extension to making money by reading emails, is money via participating in online surveys. In both cases the alert to complete the money making action appears in your mailbox almost every day. The difference is that surveys pays you better (half a dollar to even $25 or $30) and in fact it’s a major cash cow if you get some good referrals.

How does it work?

Again it’s yet another mechanism by marketing agencies or survey companies to help sell their merchants’ products better by understanding customers and their needs. Constant surveys will dig out more information about their customers and prospects such as location, status, education, purchasing capacity what have you. By getting us to participate in these online surveys the agencies fulfill their customer’s or merchant’s needs for which they get paid. And obviously they will part a portion of that money with participants like us. Sometimes online surveys will comprise of actual product usage and then subsequent survey based review on the same. In this case the payment is usually very high.

What does it take?

1. Email account to sign up as well as to receive daily survey details

2. Internet connection

3. Paypal account if you wish to receive your payments faster. Without a paypal account you could still receive your earnings by check.

4. Ten minutes to half an hour per day to complete one or two surveys (usually easy to click-answer questions over three or four pages)


Do not block your survey notification emails. If your spam protection is on, check your bulk mail folder as well. Usually the survey mail sender address will be communicated while you sign up (and hence you can allow mails from those addresses). Go with well known survey programs only. If you search on google, you could find hundreds of them but many of them are scams.

To make money better, refer as many people as you can and make sure that they actually do participate than just sign up.

Take part in related activities such as product reviews, voluntary use of products etc wherever applicable to make more money. Usually survey programs are accompanied by such schemes.

Longer surveys get paid more and hence if you are not regular, go for time consuming surveys whenever you can.

Recommended programs & Sign up links

The following are some of the programs that I would recommend (AW Surveys deals with review surveys of websites mainly)

Survey Savvy ($2 for your referral’s surveys, $1 for second level referrals)

A.W.Surveys ($6 for sign up, $1.25 for referrals, $4 for website surveys)

Inbox Dollars ($5 credit for sign up)

Another good program for US & Candian residents is Opinion Outpost that I could not review personally. However, we will be launching a new side-by-side product comparison tool which will contain all such products.

Happy moneymaking with your surveys!

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