It is a common perception that bloggers and programmers do not sleep much – to an extent it is true as well, since I have gone through the cycle for quite a few years now. This long weekend, though, I decided to take a much deserved break from my software job, blogging and from the traffic woes of the polluted city of Bangalore to drive down to Coorg (Madikeri) which is a hill station 250 kms away from Bangalore.

The place I chose for me and my family was the Windflower Spa & Resort, especially because the mobile phones didn’t quite work there and hence no calls to disturb us. Moreover, itt is a new resort – hardly two months since launch – and an absolutely stunning beauty amidst the woods and plantations.

After the long drive, the night of arrival was pretty much about relaxing and then the next day was full of excitement and adventure.

The thrill part

Other than enjoying the resort facilities, we also ventured into a few places – the most exciting of all being a visit to the abbey falls at night. By the time we reached the place it was already 7PM and pitch darkness engulfed us. Soon we realized that we had to walk about half a kilometer in the darkness to spot the falls at night (see the pic). We had to literally hurry back through the narrow mud road to the place where the car was parked and there was absolutely nobody nearby in that forest. It was a thrilling but a bit scary experience as we also spotted a bison on the way back.

The spa and the awesome pool

One of the most relaxing aspects of the stay was an ‘abhyanga’ (whole body Ayurvedic massage + steam + herbal bath) that I took in the spa. It was an awesome experience for about 2 hours during which I actually fell asleep. A little bit expensive but much needed body relaxation treatment it was.

The next best part was the swimming pool among the woods which was a really great experience as well. Though a bit cold, I used the pool for two days, accompanied by the great food and drinks that the resort offered.

Other places

We also visited a few other places that included rapids in the river Cauvery, a few religious spots (Triveni sangam, TalaCauvery, Golden temple etc). Overall, it was a great three days which really helped me and my family recharge to get back to the business. In short, it was worth spending last month’s blog earnings on a very pleasant and rejuvenating vacation!

(PS: Adroisys is not a place where I share a lot of personal stuff but I thought of highlighting the need for the bloggers to take breaks and much needed rest)

Happy Blogging!

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