I had posted a short review on the Comment Kahuna (CK) blog commenting software a couple of months back. The Fast Blog Finder (FBF) from G-Lock Software is a similar product which helps you to search blogs of your interest and comment there from a simple window interface.

Why comment on blogs?

Improving the Google page rank (PR) is one of the primary goals of anybody who has a blog or website so that his/her website appears on top of the Google search results. The case is much the same with other search engines as well but Google PR is the yardstick for most people and businesses. Google assigns ranks (0 to 10 – higher the rank, the better) to web pages mainly based on the number of pages linking or referring to the page being ranked. In the case of blog comments, most of them accept a URI to your own blog while commenting which gives a valid backlink per comment. Basically this is the hidden agenda behind commenting though on your regularly visited blogs it’s a more genuine story.

Backlinks can be primarily of ‘dofollow’ or ‘nofollow’ types (There are a couple of other types as well). Basically it tells the search engine spiders whether to follow to the linked site/page and index that as well or not. So ‘dofollow’ backlinks add more value to you in terms of search engine ranking. More importantly, backlinks form pages ranked higher than yours will be having a positive effect on your ranking, when Google updates the page ranks next time.

How does blog commenting software work?

Blog commenting software such as Fast Blog Finder helps you to search for blogs matching certain tags or keywords. It is normal that you visit and comment on blogs of your kind and hence you search using the keywords of your own site. You can also search and filter for blogs for a specific page rank and with or without ‘do follow’ property. Once this tool fetches in all matching blogs, you can visit them one by one and comment – all within the same software.

Fast Blog Finder

Fast Blog Finder v/s Comment Kahuna

Comment Kahuna is a completely FREE software whereas FBF will cost you $49 for its so called Gold Edition. There is a free version of FBF as well but the number of blogs that you can query at a time is limited to 50 in that case. 50 blogs at a time would have been okay if the filter options (PR, do follow etc) are specified before search, but that is not the case. So CK wins in this aspect.

Comment Kahuna requires you to install the Microsoft .NET runtime as a prerequisite depending on what Operating System you are on. In the case of FBF it’s a very simple one click installation.

As for the user interface, CK looks pretty ordinary and the blog to comment is rendered in a separate popup window. FBF has a neat user interface and everything is done in a single multi-pane application window. Also, there is a possibility of opening up (by a double click) the blog to comment in your default web browser in the case of FBF whereas CK allows commenting within its own window alone. FBF also has color-coding based on the filter flags you select and another important feature is that you can have proxies set up to carry out the query & commenting.

Final Verdict

Despite some good usability features for my practical use, I still like Comment Kahuna as FBF does not really provide any value addition for the 49 bucks you pay. However you may try the free edition of FBF if you can really get a couple of blogs to comment on out of the 50 it supports, I could not find any practically. So for me, Comment Kahuna is the clear winner!

So, start commenting sensibly and promote your blog!

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