Blogging is more about researching and less about writing! I talked about this 80-20 principle in a recent post titled ‘advantages of blogging‘. However, from time to time most bloggers will face the writer’s block or inability to continue writing at the same pace and frequency as they used to do in the past.

There are a number of ways to deal with the writer’s block problem and one of them is to follow profound bloggers and their hugely popular blogs in order to draw inspiration to blog about. I would like to call such blogs feeder blogs and let us talk about them in this short post.

Follow the big bosses

The ideal way to find new topics to write on is via those newsletters, twitter updates, media news and alerts from vendors, service providers, leaders and marketers of your blog niche. However, sometimes it is virtually impossible to comprehend all that information quickly enough to pick the right topic. In this case, feeder blogs provide a very good platform for you to pick your topics and all that you need to do is to follow four or five such big blogs in your niche to keep going.

It is not necessarily bad to be the second level carriers of a fresh idea. Why? Because at the end the idea is to reach out to the maximum possible addressable readers and hence being carriers of not-so-fresh information is not always bad. However, you should try to add some fresh angle to what was already discussed and should not blindly copy-paste any content. It’s also a good thing to give the credit to the original post or blog or wherever it belongs.

How to find your feeder blogs?

It is a must for a technology blogger to follow feeder blogs like mashable, techcrunch or engadget. Similarly for someone writing about blogging might want to follow the pro himself.

You can arrive at a list of feeder blogs that you might want to follow by being active on blog directories, technorati and social media sites. You can also find them on twitter or similar social networks. Yet another way of finding the pro blog list is using Google sets which is an excellent tool to find similar or related items. For example, you enter ‘problogger’ and ‘entrepreneurs journey’ as the first two inputs to Google sets and click the ‘Large Set’ button. You will be amazed to see the result set (I use Google sets on a regular basis to get related items – not just related blogs)


As we saw, feeder blogs provide a great way to find new topics to write and propagate on. They are a great means to improve your knowledge and great sources of inspiration – not just for blogging.

Now, the question to you (bloggers, especially) is how many such feeder blogs do you follow on a regular basis? Could you name them so that the newbies get some ideas on whom to follow?

Happy Blogging!

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