I stumbled upon this interesting website called Fiverr.com after reading a review on HBB. Initially, I didn’t care to spend much time on it but when I was in need of creating a few low-cost images and sketches, I thought of giving it a try. Voila! It turned to be an instant success story for the amount ($5) that I spent on each small assignment.


What exactly is Fiverr?

As the name suggests, it’s all about $5 spending or earning. In other words you can get your gigs (any small task that’s possible to do online) done for five dollars at this site. Needless to say, those things that you are willing to do for $5, can be offered here as well.

As we all know, there are gigs on offer and listed on various forums already. However, this one is strictly maintained for five tasks and that’s probably the best part of it. The tasks could be something like designing a logo, getting a tag line for your blog, video marketing material, drawing a sketch, online tuition or whatever you could imagine.

For example, the following are some of the popular gigs on offer right now:

  1. I will help you solve your relationship problem for $5
  2. I will proofread any document up to 5 pages double-spaced for $5
  3. I will write 30 sec. commercial or testimonial spot for you or your business for $5
  4. I will design a 2-page functional blog with AdSense income for you for $5

Some are too good to be true for the $5 you spend – for example, the customized video testimonials that you can use for Youtube marketing.

My gigs

I tried creating a couple of graphics for myself and the outcome was pretty good. Though, my avatar didn’t exactly look like me, it was acceptable for $5. On the other hand, the picture of myself and my wife – reproduced from a family photo – was very good and rather close to what we are. The artist was even willing to redo it if we weren’t happy with the first version.

Sketch reproduced from a photo

Make money with Fiverr?

Though it is still a low volume website, there’s enough potential for making money online out of it. For example, somebody with good graphics skills may use it to make $50 or so per day out of it, if operated optimally. However, it all depends on the popularity and rating that you receive from your clients.Fiverr.com is really easier to use than forums and similar gigs directories. Though it may look like just another trend, I think it will stay there for some time.

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