This post is not about blog marketing mistakes as such but on some of those silly blog promotion methods that an inexperienced blogger would go about in the beginning. To be frank, I would have done a couple of these tricks in the past when I didn’t have any clue on promoting my content and the priority was somehow improving the visibility and blog statistics.

Well, visibility and statistics still play a big role even when your blog is established, but it wouldn’t be a huge task as it was in the beginning. So what are these silly things that people still keep doing?

Silly blog promotion strategies

Begging for social bookmarking – digg, stumble etc. Well, I haven’t begged anyone for stumble however, when somebody did so, I have asked them whether they expected return favors

– You comment, I comment back or vice versa.

Over-networking at blog directories and aggregation services – I realized that most of them are useless. How many visitors do you get from MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog or Technorati after all?

Over communication on SocNets and blog itself on how many comments are received, sitelinks, PR, Alexa rank and what have you?

Displaying useless banners on numbers that don’t count (e.g. This blog is worth $49,273, XYZ blogger of the year where XYZ is some site with no credibility)

Link exchange with unknown bloggers and still calling it my blogger buddies

– Involving in traffic exchange programs such as Entrecard

Well, as I mentioned, I might have been involved in one or two of the above stupidities, but fortunately got rid of them early enough.

And what are some of those good blog promotion ideas that I didn’t quite tap into? Here are some of them:

Guest posting – awesome promotion and link building mechanism if done in moderation

Professional blog design and branding – Very important to establish as a brand

– Marketing well via good social channels (e.g. Facebook fan page)

Networking with similar sites and blogs instead of running after all possible links and commenting opportunities

Building an email list using non-spammy approaches and less intrusive sign up screens

That much for today. I shall talk about more innovative blog promotion methods sometime soon. Having said that, if you write good content, the blog will promote itself. Just like the German auto and mechanical companies say “The products will sell themselves“.

Happy blogging!

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