As I have mentioned several times in the past, a good page rank (PR) on the homepage alone is not sufficient to get search visitors for your content. For real search ranking, individual posts and pages need to have good PR and a lot of backlinks as well. While Google Webmaster Tools can provide backlinks related and overall visibility statistics, it doesn’t provide page ranks of individual pages.

While searching for tools that could provide PR for the whole blog content, I stumbled upon a bunch of FREE websites and excellent tools. I thought of sharing it here as it may be of use to many of you.

Stand alone tools for whole domain PR query

PaRaMeter: The PaRaMeter or Pagerank Meter is a FREE software by CleverStat that can be used to do bulk PR query. It is an excellent tool to query for an unlimited number of pages but the problem is that the links have to be either manually added or imported via a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. Since it doesn’t import XML (ie. Your sitemap.xml) files directly, here’s the work around that I used very effectively.

  • Open your sitemap.xml in Microsoft Excel. Remember not to apply the styles or embedded XSL file and further open it as a XML list
  • Once the file is opened, delete all columns except the one has URLs listed. This is the first column, usually
  • Save the file as CSV and this can be now imported to PaRaMeter :)

The tool can hierarchically list the URLs that you add based on the domain and it can be sorted on page rank etc. The performance of bulk query is excellent.

There is another bulk page rank check software by TechRepublic but that will cost you $95. Though I did not take a look at the features of the same in detail and compared it with PaRaMeter, I would rather go with the FREE PaRaMeter software!

Web links for bulk PR query

Rank my sitemap tool: This tool can take your sitemap URL as input and provide the page ranks for individual pages as output on the screen or as an email sent to you. At the moment there is a limit of 200 pages that can be listed by their PRs in one attempt. If you have more pages on your sitemap, you may split it into two or more xml files and still get the page ranks of all of them. This tool is reasonably fast.

There is a Visual Page Rank tool by iWebTool that is a very nice concept but somehow it did not work very well for me. There are also a number of other pages where you can do bulk PR query (mostly up to 100 pages) but you have to manually enter the pages. I found them pretty useless and hence not listed here.

I hope this post was useful for you. Please bookmark this post as this could be handy information for many others.

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