In the last few posts in the Work From Home series, we covered some online specialty jobs such as transcription and virtual assistants. Today we will talk about how online amateurs can make money out of a number of content creation opportunities off which some need writing skills as a prerequisite while some quite doesn’t need any.

As a blogger, one can get paid for writing reviews on own blog or website. These review opportunities are facilitated by agents like Pay Per Post or Buy Blog Reviews and you work for advertisers indirectly in this case. These are proven mechanisms but necessitate a well-established and high traffic blog of your own to secure good contracts and get paid well. Let us now talk about opportunities for those who don’t even have a blog.

Types of content

The following are the types of content you can create for others and get paid for the same.

Forum posts and threads: You must have seen discussion forums where people can post their queries and get answers from forum members. To establish the forum, maintain it or keep it active, many times the forum owners hire contractors online and pay them on a per-thread or per-post basis. The usual rate of payment is $2 to $10 per 100 posts where each post is not more than a paragraph in most cases. There are specialty forums (e.g. Digital Camera forums) where you need some technical knowledge to post something but there are many other forums that talk about general stuff.

Reviews on review sites: There are several sites dedicated to product reviews, consumer opinions etc. You can get paid to create content (write product reviews) on such sites. The payment rates and methods can vary – in some cases it is on a per review basis where as in some cases it is pay-per-word. Also, experience reviewers get better rates.

Articles: Writing articles is probably the most profitable job in this category and also you can write about some topic that you are passionate about. Freelance online article writing opportunities can fetch you from $5 to a few hundred dollars per article based on your writing skills and experience.

Simple copy-paste jobs: These are more like data entry jobs where very minimal skill is required. In this case the content is already present somewhere but you need to transfer elsewhere. For example, I have seen online jobs where the Youtube video links need to be pasted under categorized headers on some other site. The pay for such jobs is relatively lesser and sometimes even on a daily or weekly flat-rate basis.

Proof-reading and correction: We have talked about this in the past and hence I wouldn’t be touching upon again here.

Where to find these jobs?

Though I have been using Digital Point Forums (DP) for a few months now, only recently I came across the Content Creation forum there – thanks to 2ThePoint who is a more experienced writer and frequent user of the said forum. So to find your online content creation jobs check out this forum link and you may also read this article which has more information on how DP freelance jobs work!

There are many generic job sites who talk about similar opportunities but they may enforce several processes of theirs on you. In the case of DP forums you get to deal with the advertiser directly which is good most of the time (sometimes bad experience as well – read the tips below)


Before signing up a contract with anybody, check his offer history. If it is a new employer you need to be more careful in finalizing the deal

Finalize the terms and conditions up front before starting work and keep the proof (emails, online communication, PayPal payment mails etc) wherever possible. You need to be clear on when the money will be paid – three are people who pay part of the money up front where as many people pay only at the end. For forum posts etc you can get paid as the work progresses.

Show your previous online work as reference to get better deals. You may also provide contacts of those whom worked with in the past, as proof. The good thing about online content creation job is that you always have some verifiable history.

If you are new to the game, you may initially create your showcase articles in one of the free article sites such as and then show that reference to secure better contracts.

Happy (online) job hunting!

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