Hope I am not the last person talking about this topic. Of late there has been a surge of ‘get paid for blogging’ or ‘get paid for writing reviews’ programs that nobody knows which one to pick. I should admit that I have not personally tried all of them to compare the earnings potential as I would rather spend my blogging efforts here…

How does these program work?

Paying for your ’sponsored’ blogs serve multiple purpose for those who pay on behalf of their advertisers (customers). First of all they get great product reviews, articles, reviews on product news, services etc written pretty fast and from multiple sources, locations and communities. If you get a lot of writing about any product or service, definitely it gets a lot of visibility and that’s exactly what they want as advertisers. The paid blog host agency get paid for reviews published by you, and they pay you a big chunk of that as well. It’s a win-win!

Is it for everyone?

Yes. But if you own a blog and would like to monetize via blogging for these agencies your blog topics should be related to the categories they have offered. This in a way could be a limitation for you as the content has to be unique (There are other ways to monetize your blog via ads, affiliate networks etc which I will talk about in another post). Also, once you get paid for a post the rights of content remains with your ‘program sponsors’.

Steps involved

1. Sign up with one of these programs (a few are listed below) using your email ID and other details such as your blog address. In some cases you don’t need your own blog but can write reviews on the sites provided by them.

2. Get emails on review/blogging topics or create opportunities by logging on to your account on what topics you could blog.

3. Spend half an hour or more to do your review blogs and submit them whenever you see an opportunity or mail alert.

4. Once the review/post it is approved, you get paid as per the content size (number of words) and quality.

5. Request for your payment as and when the minimum payout amount is reached.


Always request your payout every time minimum payout amount is reached and use paypal for faster refunds

Create referrals for maximum monetization (applicable for all get-paid-to categories)

Never create huge review blogs and be preferably within 750 words unless there’s huge income potential for really big posts. Also, reserve your best for future blogs.

Make sure that the content is unique as per the program’s requirement. If you have context ads (can be used with these blogs) make sure that you don’t deliver hated or porn contents via ads, or for that matter even within your blog content.

Recommended schemes & Sign up links

Buy Blog Reviews (Shares 70% profit with you)

Pay Per Post (Min 20 posts should be there on your blog – and ten of them within last 30 days – to start making money via PayPerPost – My account got cancelled due to the above rule)

ReviewMe (TextLinkAds company)

Inbox (Get $5 for sign-up, Have other get-paid-to services like get paid for surveys, reading email etc)

If you are not sure how to set up your own websites or blogs you may read related categories on this site.

Happy blogging!

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