I wasn’t quite sure whether to post this article here as I had touched upon this topic very recently under the ‘How Do I’ category. However, I will mention a few other things here for the sake of continuity.

Online advertisement business has been spreading at an alarming pace for the past few years when Google revolutionised the whole concept. Though there were many players before that it was Google all the way once it started realising the potential of search engine results into huge money. The term ‘Search Engine Marketing’ (SEM) and ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (seo) are almost synonymous to online ads now.

Difference between ads and other money making mechanisms

As we had discussed earlier, we have get-paid-to (GPT) read email programs, GPT blog, GPT do surveys etc. But in those cases continuous action is required by you in the form of reading mails, logging on to websites and reading, writing or participating to make some money. Ads on the other hand has the advantage of ‘design-once-and-reap-many’ concept whereby you don’t need to put regular effort to change or monitor them unless you need further optimisation. As long as your blog or website is active, you keep making money.

Earnings potential

Compared to the huge earning potential that online ads has, other mechanisms we discussed earlier could return only peanuts! Depending on how popular your blog is, your income could vary from a few dollars per month to several thousands!! Only affiliate programs can match that potential.

As I have discussed already on how to set up your ad publisher accounts and start making money, I wouldn’t repeat the steps involved here. Also, watch out this space for posts that talk about advanced monetization strategies and reviews on new and existing ad networks!

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