Before you proceed, let me warn you that I am not going to talk about products that will fetch you major online income. However, these are legitimate and innovative ways of making (smalltime) money for doing things that anyhow you would do on a daily basis, even if you didn’t sign up with them.

PickJack – Get paid to answer multiple choice questions

pickjack get paid to answer

PickJack is a new GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that pays you for answering and asking questions. The questions are in multiple choice formats and hence one needs to just click and submit them. PickJack pays you on a weekly basis via PayPal and the minimum payout requirement is only 5 cents.

Though the payments are relatively low you can earn a lot more by asking more questions than answering them. Moreover, there is a referral scheme that can be leveraged further to your advantage. This is a legitimate program and I got paid twice already though I don’t want to boast about the amount received :)

Sign Up with PickJack

mGinger – Get paid to receive SMS on your mobile phones

mginger get paid to receive sms

mGinger is a new GPT product that is available only in India. mGinger pays you for receiving short text messages (SMS) – usually 5 to 10 weekly – on your mobile phone. They pay you 20 paise per SMS received. Though this is not a big amount there is a multi-level referral program which pays you 10 paise per SMS received by your referrals and 5 paise per SMS received by their referrals.

mGinger pays you via check once your earnings cross Rs.300/-. Other than the SMS deals received, there are many online coupons available at the mGinger site that you can use for your shopping in India.

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myLot – Get paid to receive SMS on your mobile phones

myLot get paid to post and chat

myLot is a mini social network portal that pays its members for taking part in discussions and creating posts on areas of your interests. A couple of lines per post is good enough to get paid but the earnings are supposed to go up while posting more content or even while uploading pictures (Not verified this yet as I am not very active there)

myLot pays via PayPal once the earnings reach $10.

Sign Up with myLot – A blog that pays for your rants

Rantblogger get paid to post rants

RantBlogger is a blog where people post their rants and get paid for the same. All that you need is to do is to submit your rants on your favorite topics and if your post is published there you will be paid 5 to 10 dollars per post via PayPal. does not need any sign up and hence if your post is selected for publishing you will be contacted via mail to provide your PayPal address..

Post your rants @ now!

Happy Money Making!

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