Last month I had written a post on Freelance Content Creation Opportunities which talked about a number of ways to get paid online for writing content. One of the categories that I did not cover in that post is about getting paid for commenting on others’ blogs. This is again a work from home money making opportunity for those who don’t have a website or blog.

Why would somebody pay for commenting?

Normally, anyone would guess that more comments means more popularity and traffic for a blog and hence a blogger who pays for commenting wants to make his blog more popular. While this is perfectly true, there are ‘temporary’ blog content where posts written or rewritten and the associated comments are captured for the purpose of larger scale marketing later. In other words, the comments and posts you created and got paid for will later appear elsewhere resulting in article and comment marketing together. So comments here in this context are means to capture your opinion on something that can be used in a similar context later.

Where to find such assignments?

As I mentioned several times in the past, the Digital Point Forums Content Creation section is one of the places to get your assignments. I experimented with one of the blog comment contracts there and the result was pretty encouraging. I got paid at the rate of $0.50 per comment and a total of $26.50 for two comment batches of 21 and 32 each. All that it took me was about an hour’s time.

Steps involved (My particular case)

1. I visited Chat Life UK and signed up with them for a community login. (If you don’t get an approval mail on the same business day, you need to contact their support)

2. Once the account was approved, I had several ways of making money for creating content via their ‘Get Paid Manager‘. Article writing, rewriting, forum posting and comment posting are the main content creation jobs there. I opted to write comments which have to be at least 50 words long.

3. They mainly provide posts and articles for DataCalls UK and hence all articles (new as well as rewritten) present there, are on the VoIP topic. Since the articles are rewritten, even comments about them can be rewritten. You should keep track of the comments (and the post URL where the comment was posted) so that later you can claim money for the same.

4. Once I posted 21 comments on various posts, I requested a PayPal payment and I got paid the very next day. Again, I posted 32 comments and got paid the next week (Payment requests have to be made once a week).

This is the way it worked for me with the Chat Life UK Get-Paid-To comment site. There could be similar mechanisms for the other sites as well that you can find in the forum mentioned above.

Data Calls - Payment 1

Data Calls – Payment 1

Data Calls - Payment 2

Data Calls – Payment 2

While getting paid to create content on other blogs is not my main job, I just wanted to personally experiment it once so that I can write about the genuineness of such options and recommend the same to you. I am attaching a couple of payment proofs from Datacalls here.

Good luck with your content creation jobs!

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