Earlier this week Google launched the beta version of their new tool namely Google Insights for Search. This tool is aimed to help advertisers understand the search users’ behavior and trends.

Google already had launched similar tools, in the past, such as Google Trends – and even Hot Trends under the same tool – that helped advertisers (and others as well) to understand the search trends from various geographic locations and countries. With the Insights for Search, however, Google is opening up their search intelligence database a little more by providing exhaustive analytical reports that anybody can consume.

Major features of Google Insights

The tool basically allows the user to search and see what the world is searching for and then do further analysis on that data.

Google Insights for Search

The search data can be analyzed for:

  • Major categories (E.g. top blockbuster movies)
  • Seasonal behavior or time wise trends (E.g. best cars of 2006)
  • Geographic distribution of search words (E.g. Olympics in Beijing)

The search items can be further filtered and explored for geographical regions (countries and sub-regions), categories and time. Google has made their search intelligence available from as early as 2004 and hence the last four plus years of search data can be analyzed using this tool.

The resultant data is then rendered in neat graphs (See some samples below) that can be further explored by clicking the links and/or the map. Basic density chart and map is available for anybody but you need to log on to your Google account to see the numbers behind them. Pretty neat, isn’t it? Now, you could even play around with this search intelligence database to geographically target your advertisement or even, as publishers, handpick what you want to show.

Google Insights for Search

The implications

Google seems to be taking one step at a time in a controlled fashion to provide value to their advertisers and publishers as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is their main revenue source. Other competitors like Yahoo and Microsoft have always been hesitant to open up their data and technologies when it comes to the search business. I think Google has taken the right step here to reinforce their market leadership and continue the growth path.

They are always good at putting their inventions to the innovation path and make more money, right?

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