To begin with let me take a disclaimer that none of the tips listed below are my own discoveries. I read about these tips on various places and just thought of consolidating them here as this might help some of you as a search end user of the Google Search engine.

The following are some of those Google hacks (that use additional search operators and qualifiers) which can bring you a more concrete result set so that you don’t end up wasting time while searching. You will be amazed at what has gone into the making of the most popular search engine on earth!

#1 Searching for text in ’specific’ page areas

What if you want to search for some text that appears only in the title of the result page? All that you need to do is to use the


operator. For example, if I want to search for all pages that has the word


in their titles, I use the following search string and hit enter.

intitle: abracadabra

Google Search Operators intitle, allintitle, inurl, location, filetype, site

(Tip: All special operators will be at the start of the search string and they are followed by a ‘:’ Most of the time, an alternate format whereby a minus sign preceding this operators also works. E.g. abracadabra –intitle)

Now, if you have multiple words that you want to check in the title, you have to use the allintitle operator.


allintitle: my name is bond

If your intention is to get all result pages (SERPs) that have a particular string in the URL, then you would use the inurl operator.


inurl: Adroisys

#2 Searching for information in certain file types

What if I want to search all PDF documents on the web dealing with certain specific topics? I use the following search string format (because I know that most eBooks are in PDF format)

make money online filetype:pdf

(Tip: Please note that I can use logical operators such as OR or AND in search strings)


make money online filetype:pdf OR filetype:ppt

(Tip: Please note that someone can actually search and browse your robot.txt or other hosted directory content if you have not configured your .htaccess files and .conf files with care)

#3 Searching for phone numbers

Now, this could be a major privacy infringement but just try a search string like this on your Google search.

phonebook: Anil Mishra

Sorry for picking an arbitrary name here but it actually came up with some real results. Fortunately, this happens only for US.

(Tip: If you want to protect your privacy and want your phone number to be removed from the Google directory, use the Google phonebook Name removal link now!)

#4 Searching for news from a particular location

If you want all Google result pages from a particular location you can use the location: operator but even better when you use it at because you can get all fresh news from that location.

#5 Simple calculations and conversions

Try the following in search strings (one by one) in Google and you will be amazed at how small Google apps and tools are integrated into their search.




3) 3 times 35

4) 45 * 230 – 85

5) km to miles

Google Advanced Search Options

What I discussed above are some of the possibilities that Google search provides. You can use many permutations and combinations to make your search results more effective and relevant.

You can refer to the google search operators guide for more options and documentation for all available features.

Happy Googling!

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