It’s more than 8 years since I launched and what an incredible journey it has been! Originally started with the intent of coaching budding bloggers in the areas of online money making, Search Engine optimization, blogging and blog hosting advice, I must say that the brand and the content here has managed to meet most of my expectations. And needless to say, during the course, I too learned a lot on how to make money using various advertising and Internet marketing strategies.

Being my first professional blog, I was always – and still am – emotionally attached to it and made it a point to write every single post on this blog all by myself (or with some help from my wife as it was the case initially). However, things took a turn when I decided to retire from my full time job in 2014 and tried to focus on a couple of Affiliate Marketing strategies other than monetizing content like this. I must confess that, while I made some progress on that front, my blogs – including this one was – was a bit ignored. This resulted in a significant drop in traffic volume as well as the monetizing capability of this blog, while I was in no mood to come back to full time writing.

So, what’s next?

At this juncture, it’s pretty clear that I won’t be able to publish a lot of posts all by myself. Hence with some reluctance I have decided to open up for guest posts. In fact, I have been a pessimist when it comes to guest posts. I have myself never written elsewhere as well, since I believed that my best work should remain here alone.

guest blogging opportunity

Now, I know that allowing guest posts comes with a lot of challenges too. Due to the same reason, I have put together a set of guest posting guidelines which any potential guest author might want to read thoroughly, before approaching me for such opportunities. This may not be the final set of rules as policies may need change based on how guest post content evolves here.

Please note that I do not accept anything and everything that comes my way in the name of allowing external contributions. At the end, the guest content needs to blend well with the rest of the topics here. Further, approval of keyword targeted content will be subject to approval (Read guidelines again) while I am not completely closed for advertising category posts.

What’s in it for you?

Well, it’s a fact that the content generation rate has drastically reduced on this blog; so is its traffic. However, it is still a well admired blog with certain posts still triggering reasonable amounts of traffic. Further, it has got a good number of backlinks from respected blogs and websites in addition to ranking well with respect to certain topics. And that’s the main opportunity for you as a guest author. Needless to say, when the content generation comes back on track, both of us stand to win together!

So, wait no further! Shoot your guest post today and take the opportunity to grow together in the blogosphere.

Happy Guest Blogging!

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