I have been getting guest blogging requests ever since I set up this blog. Although I am not against concept guest posting, I have not really written for any other blog thus far nor have I accepted any guest posts on my blogs. However, the idea behind guest posting seems to have changed from a subject matter expert sharing his views with a new set of readers to various other things such as:

  • A mechanism to keep stagnant blogs alive with fillers
  • Pure Search Engine Optimization (seo) tactic
  • To help establish a pseudo multi-blogger blog without spending much on the content creation effort
  • To help a non-blogger establish a blog

Now, I am not here to pick a fight with those who have adapted a convenient business strategy for their blogs. But the whole question is what benefit it is adding to the reader community as the majority of the guest posts that I get to read on various blogs that I follow are mediocre content.

Multi-blogger blogging and guest blogging

If your aim is to have a multi blogger blog setup, you have to actually form a team of writers, preferably from the very beginning. Typical large multi-blogger blogs have an established set of writers with long term commitment and usually they are equal business partners. In most cases, each of these bloggers handles a particular area or niche that the blog deals with.

On the other hand, it may be possible to convert a regular single-blogger-blog into a multi-blogger blog via building a team. In such a case, revenue sharing should be the ideal approach rather than paying for individual efforts. And most importantly, we do not call such a writer a guest blogger.

In other words, ‘guest’ v/s ‘part of the team’ is the difference that I am talking about.

Transformation to Multi-blogger model

To summarize and add on to what I mentioned above, a regular blog can be converted into a multi blogger blog via the following steps:

  1. Check if your blog and its branding is suitable for a multi-blogger blog. For example, if you have branded it under your name and highlights your personality, then it may not be always suitable for a multi-blogger blog
  2. Design your revenue sharing formula so as to cause no money related issues in the future. Most partnerships break due to this
  3. Build a team by recruiting the right set of writers with good mid to long term commitment. Try to find one expert per area (e.g Social media, mobile etc)
  4. Decide on the update frequency and work sharing
  5. Establish editor accounts and related platform requirements
  6. Go live

And most importantly, don’t call it guest blogging. However, if you cannot really hit the formula right, you may still want to invite guest posting but in its true sense. But then don’t try to survive on guest posting alone if what you actually want is a multi-blogger blog.

Happy Blogging!

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