Last week, I had my annual health check up done and found out that I have developed so many undesirable health issues in the past one year or so. This includes RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury (Check out the famous MMO bloggers’ hand in the picture), low HDL levels, insomnia, lower back pain and high blood pressure (owing more due the regular job). Most of these issues were developed six months ago or so when I was more regular at blogging and was spending quite a lot of time online on a daily basis.

Health issues due to computer overuse

The following are some of the typical issues that people, who use computers excessively, face:-

#1 RSI

The RSI on the palms, like in my case, is one of the most common issues that most computer users face. The little swelling that is found near the palm-wrist joint can get really bad if it goes to the advanced stages. In my case, it’s just a small swelling that’s not very painful yet but it’s there on both my palms. Well, I have coded for almost 15 years now but it developed only in the last one year.

#2 Eye strain

Monitors are getting better these days as they emit less unwanted rays and heat compared to the CRT era. However, staring at the same for a few hours together can cause eye strain and watering/itching eyes. Eye strain can also be caused when the top border of the monitor is not aligned with the eye level.

#3 Back injury

Bad postures while using computers and wrong chair height adjustment can cause back pain and lumbar problems. Another related problem is the neck strain due to bad height adjustment.

#4 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

I read about this for the first time while researching for this blog post. It seems CTS causes numbness and weakness of the wrists and palms and this is mainly due to the compressed median nerve of the palms. Basically, the wrong palm & finger position on the keyboard causes this condition.

#5 Infertility due to laptop usage

Laptops (quite ironic to the name) if used extensively in the laps seem to cause low fertility among men. This is mainly due to the heat generated by the laptop

Blogger specific issues

What I mentioned above are the physical conditions caused by excessive computer usage in general. On top of the above, many budding bloggers adapt a very unhealthy lifestyle that involves the following:


Many bloggers do work late, sleep very late and get up too late in the morning as well. This doesn’t do any good to the human body system.

#Junk foods

Spending too much time on the computer leads to eating at times on the workstation itself and these food items are usually junk food, sugared and aerated beverages etc.

#Lack of exercise

Many of them (unfortunately) do not spend enough time in the gym nor do they engage themselves with basic fitness activities such as jogging, swimming, and walking.

#Lack of personal time

These days even when you are at home, on the move or even driving, you have the possibility to tweet, moderate comments or browse via the mobile. Basically, the face-to-face interaction with your family, relatives and friends reduce but you expect them to be online to chat.

There are several other uncategorized blogging specific problems such as Blog Stats Mania, Pressure-to-Post-Daily Syndrome, Frequently Checking AdSense Earnings Disorder, Commentluv Ailment, Google Stalking Syndrome etc :) We will talk about them in another post. Until then, I would like to know more about your lifestyle in the context of your online or computer related work life.

Happy (stress-free) Blogging!

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