I have had the privilege of using six different web hosting services, over the past 11 years, most of them being shared hosting. And I must tell you that no other hosting experience was as pleasing and effective as HostGator in terms of the features supported, low pricing, excellent customer support and overall uptime.

HostGator offers one of the best affordable web hosting services that is suitable for your self-hosted WordPress blog, small business website or email and storage needs. In this post let me review HostGator hosting service and help which HostGator plan may be suitable for your hosting needs (Also, check out the sections below: HostGator coupons and exclusive $50 HostGator rebates)

Why HostGator?

HostGator is an award winning hosting company that provides high-quality hosting service at affordable cost. Some of the salient features of HostGator web hosting include:

– Unlimited bandwidth and disk space for all hosting packages

– Host unlimited domains (i.e. all your blogs and websites) in single account

– Supports all necessary blogging tools, platforms and database needs. WordPress, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Fast CGI you name it

– Unlimited MySQL databases and POP email accounts for your domain

– Hosting packages start as low as $4.95 per month and a number of packages (see below for details) to choose from to meet your exact need

– 45 day money back guarantee – No questions asked

One click installation for almost all features

– Free WordPress blog transfer if you are moving your domain to HostGator

– 24×7 customer support including very effective support via chat

– 99.9% uptime, you will never ever have your blog or website down

HostGator Hosting Packages

In the web hosting category, HostGator has the following three plans.

hostgator hosting plans

Hatchling Plan: This is the very basic plan that starts at $4.95 per month if you sign up for three years. It allows you to host only one domain but comes with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, emails and MySQL databases. This is ideal if you want to host only one blog or website. The rest of the features of the higher hosting plans are available in hatchling as well. Ideal for a WordPress blog! However, you can also have unlimited sub-domains (e.g. blog1.myblogs.com, blog2.myblogs.com etc) if you want to go for this package and want to host multiple sites.

Baby Plan: The baby package allows you to host unlimited domain names or addon domains. Hence all your different websites, email domains, blogs etc can be accommodated under one Hostgator hosting account. The baby packages start at $7.95 per month. This package is ideal for the established blogger or Internet marketer who has multiple websites.

Business Plan: The business plan has all those features that the baby plan offers plus it gives you a dedicated IP and a dedicated toll free number for customer support. In addition, to support your secure business transactions and sales (e.g. Credit card usage) it supports your own private SSL certificates to be installed on your host. Business Plan is the ideal choice if you have a small business that deals with a lot of secured payments etc and also when uptime is critical (guaranteed by World class customer support via your own toll free number). Business Plan starts at $12.95 per month.

Note: You have the chance to get a dedicated IP under Baby package as well at the cost of additional $2 per month. It still works out to be cheaper than the business hosting.

HostGator also offers dedicated servers and VPS hosting that are not in the purview of this post.

HostGator Coupons

By default HostGator provides two types of coupons for first time customers.

(a) 20% OFF coupons on your first order


(b) One Month of FREE hosting (in fact at 1 cent per month)

Note: On the web, you can find hundreds of HostGator coupons under various names but essentially they are the 20% OFF or 1 month free coupons that HostGator anyhow provides by default for everyone

How to claim your HostGator coupons?

(a) When you choose your plan from the Web Hosting Section, you have to also select the term (3 Years, 2 Years, 1 Year or Monthly). Now, in order to get 20% OFF, all that you have to do is to choose any term other than monthly. The higher the term, better the deal because the 20% discount is available only for your first-time signup. After you select the term, just click Order Now to complete your order providing other details such as user name, domain details etc. Make sure that your 20% coupon name (usually something like ‘SPRING’) is appearing when you click the ‘Order Now’ button and also the final calculated amount in the next page reflects that.

Hostgator coupon

(b) In order to experiment with HostGator for a month for free, all that you need to do is to select the ‘Monthly’ option from the dropdown in the first page. In the next page you have to put ‘hgc25’ as your coupon code and you will see that all that you need to pay now is just 1 cent.

Important Note: Choosing the ‘one month for free’ option, however, denies you from benefiting out of the 20% discount that you get on your first order. Hence, a longer term is always recommended. For example, 20% OFF on two year

HostGator PayPal Rebates

Well, 20% HostGator coupons are for all! But what about a $50 PayPal rebate? That’s exactly what you will get when you sign up with HostGator via our referral link.

How to claim your $50 HostGator rebate?

All that you have to do is:

Step 1: Make sure that you enable cookies in your web browser

Step 2: Sign up with HostGator by clicking the banner below, and avail 20% OFF as mentioned in the last section

Step 3: Contact me via the contact form mentioning the following details.

– Your HostGator account domain name & date of sign up

– HostGator plan chosen and Invoice ID

– Your PayPal email address to receive the rebate

If you are our active referral, we will be sending you a PayPal rebate of $50 within 60-90 days without fail. It takes that long because HostGator has a 45 day money back policy and hence the active referrals are identified and paid for only the following month (after 45 days)

Sample Scenario

Assume that you opted for the Hatchling Plan for two years. In normal cases it costs you 12 x $5.95 or $142.80. However, after applying the 20% OFF coupon, you need to pay only $114.24. In addition, our special PayPal rebate saves you another $50 and hence for $64.24 you get to host your site or blog for two long years. How’s that? (It’s applicable to all other packages as well and you are saving 60% here!)

Disclaimer: Please note that the cash rebate is available only when you use our referral link (by clicking the banner above) and default HostGator coupons. If you clicked our referral links but used some other coupons from elsewhere, we are in no position to give any rebate.

Happy Hosting !

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