I have been running through my SEMRush reports last week and I was shocked to see the following results.

  • There were only about 350 keywords that would fetch me real money if I were to put AdSense on this blog
  • Out of these keywords ONLY about 30 gives me more than $1 per click
  • The highest value keyword was worth only $8.50 per click

Well, disappointed but then that explains why I am not into AdSense these days. However, it’s NOT just about AdSense but the overall attractiveness of your blog in the eyes of a potential advertiser or marketer. So I decided to do some more comparison study with respect to other similar blogs using SEMRush itself. And what did I see?

Another blog with similar traffic and ranks had about 600 keywords that would fetch money off which 80 keywords would fetch PPC above $1 with the highest paid keyword being rated at $16.00!

Keyword = Money, Oh yeah?

In the past, I have written about the importance of keywords in the context of search optimization traffic generation. But it’s also important to make sure that the same amount of traffic can generate more money via the right kind of keyword selection (and a mix of those keywords).

Of course, more relevant keywords would mean more money? However, we have to reassess the situation a bit in the aftermath of Google Panda. You know what? In fact, you want not only a lot of relevant keywords in your niche but also a good mix of other keywords – that are irrelevant to your context – to make more money.

And what’s the best way to achieve that situation of having a good mix of relevant and irrelevant keywords?

How to Make More Money from Same Traffic?

Well, the following are some of the tips that might help you in attaining that critical mass of keywords to help with making more money.

  1. Accept guest posts from marketers and advertisers and NOT from your good blogging buddies. These marketers (or their associates) are pretty smart chaps and when they get benefited immediately; in fact, your keyword richness is gradually increasing as well. Please remember to maintain a good content health ratio between your own content and guest posts
  2. Write some paid reviews even if the topics are unrelated to your content a bit. For example, you can still think of writing about ‘business cards’ or ‘best vpn solution’ or ‘workplace accidents’ even though your blog is not dealing with it. You see, you can actually set the context for some of these paid plugs if you really wish to do so without sounding totally out of place. And remember to accept these valuable paid plugs even if they are quoting a low price – I am using this strategy on one of my blogs and it’s started showing some good results
  3. Maintain the critical mass of keywords in each of your new posts. Please note that the keyword critical mass in the NEW context also include our good contextual keywords, totally unrelated keywords and even phrase variations of contextual keywords (that probably no one searches for)
  4. Accept only those guest posts and paid reviews that have more money relevance in your traffic zones. It’s good to have high CPC (Cost Per Click) keywords but they should be in the context of the geographies where your blog gets most traffic from
  5. …and finally, never over-stuff keywords just to increase your attractiveness. This rule is still valid regardless of Panda or Penguin or whatever animal to follow next

Well, it’s a matter of transformation and if you stick to the above tips for a few months, you can definitely see great improvement in your online income. Moreover, you are likely to attract more advertisers and even get accepted by affiliate networks that have rejected you in the past.

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