I finally decided to go for a DSLR (in fact bought one earlier this month) after realizing that I have been spending a lot of money on purchasing stock images for my content publishing purpose. The idea behind this investment is to check whether I get to take some good images that are worth publishing and possibly even start a photo blog in the future.

Though writing and photography are two different things altogether, they always complement each other in the publishing world (in news papers, magazines and even on blogs). Apart from this, there are several advantages that photography brings in to bloggers.

Advantages of Photography for Bloggers

blogging and photography

As I just mentioned, the right kind of photos definitely add punch to your writing. Now, if you are the one behind the photos as well as the written content, it is even better. Of course, there are a few exceptional individuals like Darren Rowse who are good at both blogging and photography, but I am talking more about those who could use their own amateur photos and creations for their blogs. This can save a lot of money as good stock photos are not exactly cheap.

Apart from the above point, photography is an excellent, creative hobby just like blogging. Anything that is imaginative, will do a lot of good to your creative writing as well.

Most bloggers are lazy people when it comes to regularly working out a fitness routine. Unlike blogging, photography is something that requires a lot of travelling and walking which can make you healthy and physically fit – needless to add the mental health and happiness that those beautiful pictures bring in.

If you are producing a lot of good quality pictures, you can in fact sell them online thereby benefiting from one of the most profitable make money online methods.

Unique photos shared on social network sites such as facebook is an excellent mechanism to build a community around your blogs. Viral videos and photos instantly make you a superhero with your subscriptions shooting up in no time.

And finally, you never know, with a lot of photographs coming your way, you may even start a photo blog at some point thereby attracting a new breed of visitors to your new blog.

Happy blogging and photo-shooting!

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