Blogging is a beautiful concept! It is a powerful means of communicating one’s thoughts informally. I have had a homepage on tripod as early as in 1998 and got a domain name registered in my name a couple of years later. Though these were considered major achievements then, the web-life had been all about static pages and pictures alone and less collaborative in nature. The so-called Web 2.0 and related concepts such as blogging, social networking and different modes of messaging have certainly made online life more exciting. 

Though I have been into online publishing for quite sometime now, I was never regular on that as my main profession was something else. Of late though, I decided to get organized a little bit with respect to what I want to publish and started a couple of new blogs. I must say that I am really enjoying it now especially after starting this particular blog where I utilize my free time effectively.

Being regular on blogging also gave me the opportunity to make some money out of my intellectual property. The PayPerPost (PPP) is definitely a great way of getting paid for what you write and review. I recently signed up with them and got my account approved yesterday! Now I have the chance of writing about some of my favorite topics and opportunities listed at PPP and get decently paid for them as well. Isn’t it exciting?

If you have a blog and want to start making money out of the same, I strongly recommend that you make money with PayPerPost before trying anything else.

Happy blogging!

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