Interactive Marketing is an evolving trend in Marketing whereby the customers’ inputs, thoughts and requirements are recorded and remembered – either from web inputs or analytics – and worked upon to provide solutions that best match their needs. Interactive Marketing is not Internet Marketing through the web is certainly one of the major channels that helps to draw decisions based on various online data points (e.g. search phrase) regarding what the customer is looking for.

As per a recent Forrester report on interactive marketing, the money will gradually move away from traditional marketing and advertising channels into social media, mobile and email marketing. By 2014, interactive marketing will hit $55billion (in the US alone) and this will be already 21% of the overall marketing spend. This post summarizes the findings from this report.

Interactive Marketing trends

The following are the bullet points from the forrester report:

  • Search marketing still leads the interactive spend whereby 80% of marketers still depend on search advertising and seo (Search Engine Optimization)
  • In 2009, 64% marketers already use social media applications to promote their products and this will grow further
  • As against the predictions, email marketing continues to be an economical way to promote products as search marketing and advertising spend took an interim dip during recession
  • Reaching your customers with mobile applications is a strategic advertisement model for the future (e.g. iPhone apps – there are already 40 thousand of them out there)
  • Display advertising spend is slowly recovering after a few bad quarters
  • Search marketing will slowly move away from text advertising to more media (video, images…) driven advertising
  • Average time spend on the internet by US adults has now overtaken the average TV viewing time (big change from 2007) – the newspaper industry continues be challenged as well


Complete Forrester report on interactive marketing 847KB: Very good read)

Make Money Online opportunities

The above trends indicate that there’s a huge make money online opportunity waiting for online marketers. You just need to hold on and keep updating your content to become successful out there. The next five years belongs to social media and interactive marketing!

Happy Money Making!

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