For the past 10 days or so, I have been playing around with some of my old posts on this blog. As a matter of fact, some good old articles from the initial days have not been read by many. The original idea was to repackage them well there by improving the visibility. But I was taken by surprise that in addition to improved clicks from linked pages, I was getting some search engine traffic as well!

In this post, I will talk about the methods I used to market my old posts and how I improved the blog’s overall search visibility as well (See the Google Analytics screenshot below)

How did I link old posts?

Method #1: The first method of linking to older articles is from within the content of your new posts. This is by far the most popular method used by most bloggers. If used effectively this will not only add an internal link but also a trackback by WordPress. In this approach, the old post should be linked in such a way that it does not affect the logical flow of the newer post.

Method #2: A number of old posts can be linked simultaneously by adding them at the end of your new post under the Related Posts section. Probably there are plugins available to make this job easier, but we may still need to manually edit it (I will explain the reason in a moment)

Method #3: Use some ‘excuses’ such as Useful Tips or Recommendations or Alerts to link to some of your articles. You can see one such implementation on my sidebar. You need to make sure that the context of your blog (or particular block) is kept in mind while doing so.

Method #4: Use blocks Most Popular Posts or Recommended Reading to list some of your superhits from the past or those articles that you feel will be good for your readers (but are actually underutilized). Again, I would not use a plugin to automate this as I wanted to handpick my Popular Posts from Google Analytics data and linked them manually.

Method #5: Rewrite your old posts in the changed context or rather come up with a second part of an old hit. Usually, people do this with their most popular or most read topics (I am yet to try this effectively)

How to seo Optimize?

Now that we have several methods to reuse your old stuff, you might want to think of linking them in the most optimized way. This is where you have to think about the keywords a bit. I mentioned a short while ago that we don’t plan to use plugins to link to old articles. The reason is that, when we link them new, we don’t want to use the same heading as we used while posting them. So instead of ‘Rebate Processor Job Scam’ now probably I would want to use the Affiliate Rebate Processor scam because the latter is a hot key-phrase right now. Similarly ‘Different ways of making money’ became ‘Different ways to earn money online‘.

Please note that we are still not changing the permalinks of the original posts but are changing only the new link titles to connect to those permalinks. You may search for the hottest keywords and search phrases and use them judiciously for linking to your new posts thereby making your blog homepage more search engine accessible.

And the screenshot from my Google Analytics dashboard tells the outcome of the whole trial. All these days, I used to get only 15 to 25 unique visitors per day from Google via search and the spikes (upto 56 a day from Google alone) for the past five to six days, I believe, originated from the optimization mentioned above. The leading search phrases that gave these hits are mainly ‘affiliate rebate processor’, ‘home affiliate rebate processor’, ‘affiliate rebate processor scam’, ‘affiliate rebates’ etc.

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